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Author Charles Marohn on How to Fix Cities

Episode Twelve of the Thesis Driven Leader Series

While Charles Marohn began his career as a civil engineer, he soon realized that the problems plaguing American urban design—particularly in the suburbs—ran deep. So he quit his engineering job and began writing about how to redesign cities for livability and people rather than cars. His work—including books Strong Towns and Confessions of a Recovering Engineerheavily influenced the New Urbanist movement as well as the past decade of innovation in urban design and real estate development.

In this episode, Marohn joins me on the final episode of Season One of the Thesis Driven Leader Series to discuss the future of cities. We'll touch on the design and policy interventions that would save lives and improve our cities' finances as well as how real estate developers should approach designing better places.  We'll also discuss the role that technology can - and cannot - play in making cities better.

Marohn brings a perspective and insights that will be relevant for anyone looking to innovate in the built world. As always, you can listen here on Substack or on the following platforms:

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Brad Hargreaves

NB: Special thanks to my better half Amanda Moskowitz for her help producing these shows for each of the past twelve weeks.

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