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RealtyMogul Founder Jilliene Helman on The Past, Present & Future of Real Estate Crowdfunding

Episode Five of the Thesis Driven Leader Series

The rise of real estate crowdfunding—real estate operators to raising money directly from retail investors—is one of real estate tech’s most interesting stories of the past decade. And few people know more about crowdfunding’s past, present, and future than Jilliene Helman. She’s the founder and CEO of RealtyMogul, a pioneer of the category. Late last year, RealityMogul announced that more than $1 billion has been invested on their platform.

This episode explores Jilliene’s experience innovating in the real estate investing world and the key lessons she’s learned as a successful proptech entrepreneur. The conversation kicks off with her insights from the 10 years of work behind the first $1 billion, including how her team won over raving fans, designed product and UX for retail investors, and found investors who were a great fit. 

We also discuss where real estate crowdfunding goes from here, including recent scandals and controversies in the space—including the CrowdStreet / Nightingale fiasco. In light of that, we dig into how Jilliene plans to achieve the next $1 billion of transactions and why educating new customers about the space and building trust are essential parts of that plan. 

This is a great conversation for anyone working at the intersection of real estate, investment and innovation. But it’s a must-listen for real estate operators and proptech entrepreneurs. As always, you can listen here on Substack or on the following platforms:


—Brad Hargreaves

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