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Zillow Founder Spencer Rascoff on the Future of Real Estate Tech

Episode Ten of the Thesis Driven Leader Series

Few people have had as significant an impact on the role of technology in real estate as Spencer Rascoff. As the founder of Zillow, he revolutionized how homebuyers, sellers, and agents market and discover listings. More recently, he launched Pacaso, a fractional ownership platform for vacation homes which now serves the owners of more than 1,400 homes. 

Since leaving Zillow, Spencer has been a prolific figure in the real estate tech world; he’s been an active founder or executive in dozens of startups and an investor in hundreds through his VC fund 75 & Sunny and others. 

In today’s episode, we’ll hear Spencer’s perspective and predictions about the future of real estate and technology. We’ll hit on a number of topics including:

  • The big opportunities in real estate right now, the problems that need solving;

  • What Spencer believes the most important proptech problem will be in the 2030s;

  • Where AI can be helpful in proptech (and where it probably won’t be);

  • His take on the DOJ’s commissions lawsuit on the brokerage industry and real estate more broadly;

  • Spencer’s experience investing and his advice about the role investors should play in portfolio companies.

As always, you can listen here on Substack or on the following platforms:


—Brad Hargreaves

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