While challenges to single-family zoning draw attention, other reforms could have an even bigger impact. Real estate investors should be paying…
We spoke to top real estate technology investors about the PropCo structure, including how and where they might deploy it in future deals
Recent advancements in generative AI have the potential to remake how real estate investments are sourced, designed, managed, and more. Today we'll…
Some developers are making the most out of small multifamily sites by building coliving, and institutional investors are beginning to take note.
The outdoor accommodation sector has been a major pandemic winner, with new brands emerging and institutional investors taking note.

February 2023

A new generation of "preferred equity" aims to help developers and owners challenged by higher interest rates.
Digging into the development math and how-tos of building with HTCs
The past decade has seen a resurgence of interest in the creation of new cities. But where are they actually getting built?
California's "remedy" offers GPs tantalizing relief from cities' strict zoning codes and Byzantine processes. But does it offer a practical opportunity…
The growing need for last-mile logistics drives a new generation of distribution centers that are very different than their predecessors, creating…

January 2023

With WeWork sputtering and venture dollars gone, things may look dire. But the macro landscape for managed office is perhaps the best it has ever been…
Depending on the data you study, the City is either dying or surging. Rents are high, but so is outmigration. What's going on?