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From Country Clubs to Sovereign Wealth Funds

There Will Be No Multifamily Supply Crunch

The Future of the Property Management System

Multifamily Technology Decisions: Selling to the Messy Majority

Refreshing the Brick-and-Mortar Capital Stack

Five Under-the-Radar Real Estate Sectors

Single-Family Rentals on Steroids

What Real Estate Giants Are Saying About Technology | Q3 Edition

Fundamental Cap Rate Analysis: The Flex Stay Example

Five Traps for Real Estate Tech Entrepreneurs

Thinking Like an Institutional Investor: Five Things You Need to Know

Alpaca's Big PropCo Play

Solving the Construction Worker Shortage

Autonomous Vehicles Are Finally Here. Now What?

The (New) City by the Sea: The Story of Seabrook, Washington

Three Emerging Models for PropCo "Seed" Investments

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State of the Market: Interviews with Top Proptech Investors

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Our Ten Favorite Letters from Thesis Driven's First Year

Thesis Driven Mailbag: September 2023

Insights from Blueprint: OpCo-PropCo Models

Unsticking the Single Family Owner

On the New City in Solano County

The Banking Crisis and Its Impact on Small to Midsize Developers

If I were CEO of WeWork...

Who is Still Investing in Real Estate Tech?


On Population Density

What Public Real Estate Companies Are Saying About Technology

Five Real Estate Tech Companies Doing Interesting Things | Q3 Edition

Seven US Transit Projects Real Estate Investors Need to Know

Net Lease Real Estate

The Chicken Problem: What Intentional Communities Get Wrong

Buyer Beware: Why Sourcing Tech is an Opportunity for Multifamily

The Curious Case of Colony Ridge

Introducing Sticks & Bricks 🪵&🧱

What “Branding” Means for Twenty-First Century Real Estate

Everything You Need to Know About Raising a PropCo

The State of US Real Estate in Sixteen Charts

So what's going to happen to all this office space?

Obstacles and Opportunities Scaling Short-Term Rentals

'PropTech' Needs to Die

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The Art and Science of Placemaking

The Social Club in the Age of TikTok

YCombinator for Real Estate: ReSeed and the Accelerator Model

Five Ways New Real Estate Concepts Are Getting Funded Today

Small Multifamily: Real Estate's $5T Opportunity (Part 2)

How Real Estate Investors and Operators Are Using Location Data

Small Multifamily: Real Estate's $5T Opportunity (Part 1)

Collectible Car Storage: A Story of Garages and Community

Unlocking Geothermal

What's driving the surge in retail leasing demand?

When Smaller is Better

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Vehicle Charging in Multifamily

The Past, Present, and Future of Real Estate Discovery

Nine Reforms That Could Dramatically Accelerate Housing Production

The Future of the OpCo-PropCo Model

AI and the Future of Real Estate

Small Sites, Shared Apartments

Staying Outside: The Rise of Glamping

Capital to the Rescue

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